Where in the Northwest will you find friendly faces, a caring community, and an abundance of recreational opportunities? MEADOW LAKE, OF COURSE! Meadow Lake has so much to offer, whether it be excellent education, primary health care, breathtaking scenery or amazing outdoor/indoor adventures, Meadow Lake is the place to be! Click on the links tab above to find out more information on Meadow Lake. Be sure to check out the links to Prairie North Health Region, North of Divide Planning District Commission (NODCA), and Northwest School Division. We hope that you visit Meadow Lake soon and that you enjoy your stay! 


The City of Meadow Lake has put a burning ban in place due to temporarily reduced fire suppression capacity. All burn permits are suspended until further notice. All fires are prohibited, including fire pits, burning barrels and fireworks. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank the public for their co-operation. This ban will be in place until the new fire truck arrives on July 30th.


We will have a paving crew working on utility patches and localized repairs beginning Monday, June 19th. Where possible, we will try to minimize the impact to local traffic. We ask that drivers please be mindful of work sites and equipment. A map of the planned paving locations is posted below for reference. We will try to post an estimated schedule for the paving, but note that schedules may be changed on short notice due to weather and other factors.


During heavy rainfall events, storm water makes its way into the sanitary sewer system through infiltration. When there is a large amount of water in the sewer mains, there is a higher risk of backflow into properties. Due to the higher than normal water levels around the area, and the high volume of rain experienced over the past few days, the City is advising residents to take the following precautions regarding water and storm water:

Water Conservation

The City's sewer system is currently keeping up with the volume of sewer and rain water running through it. However, residents can help to reduce the amount of water running through the sewer system by avoiding running your washing machine or dishwasher where possible, and through other water conservation methods. This is especially advisable during rainfall events as the system needs to pump additional rain water.

Backflow Valves

Having a backflow valve installed will help to prevent water or sewer from backing up into your home if the sewer main becomes overloaded. Backflow valves also require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. Please review the following tips for more information:

Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

Residents can take the following measures to help prevent basement flooding:

Storm Water Infiltration

When storm water is directed into the sanitary sewer system through sump pumps and other methods, it can create extra strain on the sewer system and contribute to backups. Under the City's bylaws, new construction is no longer allowed to connect sump pumps to the sanitary sewer system. However, several older houses within the City are still connected. Where possible, storm water should be discharged onto the ground at least 1.2 metres away from your foundation.

Additional Resources

Below are additional links on flood proofing and troubleshooting tips from the City of Regina:


To follow are some of the highlights from the Council meeting of June 12th:

The next regular Council meeting will be held on June 26th. For more information regarding any of these items, or Council meetings in general, please contact City Hall. If you wish to make a presentation to Council, please view this document for more information. Past agendas and minutes of Council meetings can be viewed on the Agendas & Minutes page.


Property tax notices were mailed on May 9th. If you have not received your notice by Monday, May 15th, please contact City Hall to ensure we have your correct mailing address on file. Property taxes cannot be appealed. However, the assessment on which your property taxes are based can be appealed until the deadline of May 16th. Taxes are due by July 31st, after which penalties will be added unless you are using the Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS). For more information about property taxes go to the Property Taxes Page or contact the City Treasurer.


At the April 24, 2017 regular Council meeting, Meadow Lake City Council adopted the 2017 Tax Rate and Long Term Care Levy Bylaws. Copies of the bylaws, as well as more detailed information on Council's updated property taxation policy, can be read below:

Example of a Tax Calculation for a Residential Property:

218,750 = Assessed Value
175,000 = Taxable Assessed Value (80% of Assessed Value for Residential Properties)
6.977 = 2017 Municipal Mill Rate
0.764 = 2017 Mill Rate Factor for Residential Properties
869.83 = Base Tax on Land and Improvements
869.83 + [(175,000 x 6.977 x 0.764)/1,000] = Municipal Tax Calculation
$1,802.65 = Municipal Taxes
4.12 = 2017 School Mill Rate for Residential Properties
(175,000 x 4.12)/1000 = School Tax Calculation
$721.00 = School Taxes
125.00 = Long Term Care Facility Levy
$2648.65 = Total 2017 Taxes (Municipal + School + LTC Levy)


Property assessment notices will be mailed on March 16th. As 2017 is a revaluation year, all property owners will receive an assessment notice. If you have not received your assessment notice by the end of March, please contact City Hall to ensure that we have your correct mailing address and to receive a copy of your notice. For more information about assessments, property taxes, and how to appeal your assessment, go to the Property Taxes Page or contact the City Treasurer.


As a reminder to our residents, please do not place non-recyclable materials in your blue recycle bin. Depending on the nature of the materials, including non-recyclables in your blue bin can contaminate the rest of the load and cause other recyclable materials to be sent to the landfill instead. A list of the approved recyclable materials can be found here: Recycling Program Guidelines.

Leaves, grass, branches and other compostable materials can be taken to the compost site at the end of 9th Avenue East. Please empty all bags at the site and place bags in the garbage. Residential compost bins are also available for purchase from City Hall.


TIPPS (Tax Installment Payment Plan Service) is a convenient service that allows you to have equal monthly payments withdrawn from your bank account for your property taxes rather than making a single annual payment. Starting January 2016 we will be implementing TIPPS for anyone who wishes to participate.


Council passed a Water & Sewer Amendment Bylaw at their regular meeting on September 26th. The changes will see the base rate increase from $100 to $110 per quarter, and consumption rates increase from $1.25 to $1.50 per cubic meter for water, and from $0.50 to $0.60 per cubic meter for sewer. Rate changes will be effective January 1, 2017 and will first appear on your March 31st utility bill.


To view current and past public notices and current job opportunities select Public Notices under the Government tab above.


Click on "Government" heading above and select "Property for Sale".


For information on property taxes and assessment, please visit the "Property Taxes" page under the "Government Tab"

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