Public Notices

Public Hearings

Any upcoming public hearings, or items for which public notice must be given, scheduled to go to a council meeting will be listed below:

Job Opportunities

The City of Meadow Lake is accepting applications for the following positions. Please click on the link for the job description.

Winter Newsletter

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Spring Newsletter

Property Taxes

The City decided to eliminate the discounts for prepaid taxes effective January 1, 2015. Tax notices will still be issued in late May or early June, and the deadline for payment before penalties will still be July 31 of each year. A penalty of 1% will be added to all outstanding taxes on August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1. PLEASE NOTE THAT A PENALTY OF 9% WILL BE ADDED January 1 OF EACH YEAR TO ALL OUTSTANDING TAXES. For more information on taxes, please visit the 'Property Taxes' page under the Government tab, or contact City Hall.

Beginning January 1, 2015, tax receipts will only be mailed upon request

Garage Sale Information from Health Canada

Click here to find out your responsibilities to the public when hosting a garage sale.

Water Reports & Restrictions

2016 Water Quality Public Notice
Water Chloramines Notice
Annual Water Report

Tax Due Date and Penalties

Taxes are due July 31st of each year. On August 1, a penalty of one percent of the balance is applied to all tax account balances. There are also one percent penalties applied on September 1, October 1, November 1, and December 1. On January 2, a nine percent penalty is applied.

Paying On-line

If you are using the on-line banking services of your financial institution, you may want to use it to pay your City utility and tax accounts. We are currently set up to take payments from CIBC, Credit Union and the Royal Bank.

Sign onto your on-line bank account, select "Pay bills & transfer funds" from the self service menu. Then, on the next screen, select "Create/update payee list" from the self service menu. On the next screen, select "Add a new payee" from the self service menu. On the next screen enter "Meadow Lake" as a payee name then click on search. The next screen will show several Meadow Lake businesses which accept on-line payments. Select "Meadow Lake (City) - Utilities" or "Meadow Lake (City) - Taxes", depending on which bill you are paying. You will be asked for the account number that you are paying. For your tax account, enter the "assessment number" shown on your tax bill. It should be a number much like 505209000.01 for example. For your utility bill, enter the "account number" shown on your last utility billing. If you are unsure of what account number to use, phone City Hall at (306) 236-3622 and ask for the correct one.

If your financial institution requires you to type in, say, a 9-digit account number and your utility account number is only six or seven digits, add some LEADING zeroes to the account number. Adding zeroes at the END could result in a valid utility account number for another customer. With the new utility billing format, you now have a 13 digit account number. Please use the middle 7 digit number to set up your account, along with leading zeros if required. Ex: 005-1234567-000 would be entered as 001234567.

Although on-line banking payments have worked very well for us, there can be errors resulting from people selecting the wrong payee, or keying in a wrong tax or utility account number, or giving us a tax number when they really wanted to pay their utility bill. If you notice an error, please contact us as soon as possible so we can trace your payment.

Debit Cards

Customers who come into City Hall to pay their tax or utility bills may use their bank debit cards. We do not, however, accect credit cards like Visa.