Meadow Lake Sports Groups

The following is a list of various sports groups in the area. If you would like your group listed, or want to change any information shown here, please contact City Hall at (306) 236-3622 Ext 200 or Email These listings are provided free of charge.

Meadow Lake Adult Co-ed Orthodox Ball

Richard Temple

Home: 306-236-6363

Meadow Lake Adult Co-ed Slo-Pitch

Shannon Heddon

Home: 306-236-4314

Meadow Lake Adult Co-ed Volleyball

Shara Rosvold

Home: 306-236-2912

Meadow Lake Adult Recreation Hockey

Craig Weran

Home: 306-236-5656

Meadow Lake Co-ed Indoor Soccer

Caitlin Daongam or Chong Daongam
Chong: 306-236-1281

Meadow Lake Basketball Camp

Carla Waterman

Box 2191, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1Z4
Home: 306-236-3305

Meadow Lake Broncos Hockey

Glenn Dennis Jr

Phone: 306-240-8687

Meadow Lake Curling Club

Shannon Heddon

Box 822, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1Y6
Home: 306-236-4314 Club: 306-236-6636

Meadow Lake In-Line Adult Hockey

Rick Dallyn

12 Ducluzeau Place, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1B5
Home: 306-236-1270

Meadow Lake Men's Basketball

Jesse Shakotko

Meadow Lake, SK
Home: 236-1756

Meadow Lake Minor Baseball

Davin Hildebrand or Regan Beck

Meadow Lake, SK.
Davin: 306-236-1983 Regan: 306-234-2045

Meadow Lake Minor Basketball

Gene Manson

Meadow Lake, SK.
Home: 306-236-3423

Meadow Lake Minor Hockey Association

Richard Temple

Box 1333, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1Y9
Home: 306-236-4381
Meadow Lake Minor Hockey Website

Meadow Lake Oldtimer Hockey Club

Randy Paramzchuk

Box 1613, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1Z2
Home: 306-236-3193

Meadow Lake Senior White Sox Baseball

Kevin Gerwing

Meadow Lake, SK.
Home: 306-240-4170

Meadow Lake Special Olympics

Stephen and Christine Beckett

207 - 7th Street West, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1A5
Home: 306-236-2473

Meadow Lake Stampeders Hockey Club

Kurt Hadland

Meadow Lake Volleyball Camp

Trent Marsh

Box 584, Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1Y4
Home: 306-236-5686

Meadow Lake & District Youth Soccer Association

Darren Lewis
Phone: 306-236-2972

Rapid View Minor Ball

Connie Moore

Rapid View, SK. S0M 2M0
Home: 306-236-5957

She Devils Rugby Club

Rufas Crawford

Facebook Page
Phone: 306-741-0868