Business Licenses

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City Council adopted a new business licence bylaw that will go into effect on January 1. A copy of the full bylaw is available here, or by contacting City Hall. Home Based Businesses and Childcare Centers must also follow the regulations in Sections 4.5 - 4.7 of the Zoning Bylaw, which can be viewed here. An amendment to the Zoning Bylaw to further clarify these rules is currently under consideration and will be reviewed by Council on December 10th. 
A general overview of the changes is available in this document. For more information, view the business licence brochure here.
New application forms will be sent to current licence holders before the end of the year. For those unable to come in person to apply for a business licence, they may submit the application form by email. Online payments may be made following the instructions in this document

Business Licence Application Forms

Below are the application forms that will be in use effective January 1, 2019. Please note that we do not guarantee same day processing for business licence applications. Depending on the application volume and complexity, it may take up to five business days for your application to be reviewed and an approval decision issued. 

Due to the change in application process, the annual deadline has been extended from January 31 to February 28. 

Basic Application Form - Used for All Business Types (includes directory listing information) 

Additional Forms Required for Specific Business Types

  • Home Based Businesses - for all business operating out of a residence in Meadow Lake, including daycares and preschools
  • Taxi - for all taxi operators within Meadow Lake
  • Trade Show / Farmers Market - for all events with multiple vendors being covered under a single licence
Business Licence Directory
Beginning in 2019, all licence holders will have the option of having their business information included in an online business directory on the website. This directory is expected to go live in March 2019.