After the Fire is Out

A fire can be a devastating and traumatic event that most people will never experience. Those few that do experience it will do so (hopefully) no more than once in their lifetime. 

After the fire has been put out and the fire department has left the scene, you may be at a loss about what to do next.  The Fire Department can offer some good advice and your insurance agent will help along the way. However, it is helpful to have a written plan to follow, and the assistance of friends, neighbours and community aid agencies.

  • The Canadian Red Cross has provided a practical guide to recovery following a house fire.  This is valuable reading before a fire ever occurs, as it contains guidance to help you minimize losses and recover as quickly as possible.
  • Local Red Cross and Salvation Army

Even small fires in a residence or place of work can cause tremendous damage to the contents of the building.  Hot smoke quickly spreads int every available space, damaging and contaminating materials of all kinds.  Affected possessions, including clothing, books, photos, food and furniture, must often be discarded as a result.  Fire insurance is highly recommended, as are sprinkler systems and a variety of habits that can limit damages if and when a fire occurs.   See below for more tips.