Fire Pits

The City of Meadow Lake allows back yard fires for pleasure purposes so long as they are properly controlled in a suitable fire pit. 

Fire pit owners must obtain a permit and have the installation inspected before a fire pit can be used.  

The forms can be picked up at City Hall, or downloaded below.  The form includes a checklist so that you can be certain that your fire pit will meet all requirements. 

Once the fire pit is complete, contact City Hall to pay the required fee and to arrange for an inspection.  Once the inspection is complete and the form signed by an inspector, the fire pit can be used.

A copy of the form and the rules pertaining to a fire pit are attached below.  If you are unsure if your installation will be approved, contact us for advice prior to installation.

Permits are valid for 5 years, after which the permit must be renewed and the fire pit re-inspected.

Fire pit permits may be revoked if the fire pit is misused, such as

  • Burning garbage or other materials that produce noxious smoke
  • Excessively large fires, with high flames
  • Burning during windy conditions
  • Burning during a fire ban
  • Leaving a fire unattended
  • Causing a nuisance to neighbours

Costs associated with responding to complaints regarding the use of a fire pit may be billed to the property owner.  Ongoing complaints may result in further action, with associated costs to the owner.

Basic requirements, plus a non-combustible surface around it