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Building Standards

Building Permits

You require a permit from the City of Meadow Lake if you wish to construct, demolish, build an addition or renovate buildings on your property. The permit allows City of Meadow Lake staff to review your plans to ensure that they comply with all current building codes, bylaws and other applicable regulations.

Either you, your contractor or your builder may apply for a permit. However, as the building's owner, you are responsible for complying with all building requirements.

This flow chart gives an overview of the permit application process: Permit Application Process

Building Bylaw

The building bylaw sets out the rules and fees for building within City limits. 

Building Bylaw #17/2015

Fire Recovery - Required Permits and Inspections

If your property is involved in a fire, there is follow up action that needs to be taken. Your property will need to be assessed by a City Building Official to determine what repairs are required to make the building safe again. If it poses a health or safety risk, the City may also require that the building be demolished. More information about what may happen if your property is involved in a fire is available in this document: After a Fire

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