Parks and Recreation Board

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New Initiative for 2017: Experience Meadow Lake

A new intiative of the Parks and Recreation Board in conjunction with other community organizations such as ML Tennis, the ML Lions Club, and the ML Golf Club, Experience Meadow Lake: Let's Play aims to increase recreation opportunities through reduced access fees. Check out the poster below for more information about programs available this summer.

Parks And Recreation Board

To help provide the public with good park and recreational facilities, City Council created the Meadow Lake Parks and Recreation Board to include representation from the community at large. The Board includes members from the general public, City Councilors, and (since people in the rural community also use our recreational facilities) there are representatives from the Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake.

The Parks and Recreation Board allocates the Community Grant funding (Saskatchewan Lotteries). The Board may also be asked by City Council for their opinions on specific upcoming projects.

Board Members

From City Council: Curtis Paylor, Conrad Read, Glen Winkler

From the Rural Municipality: Ernie Schwartz, Garry Ratke

From the General Public: Brian Gislason, Ryan How, Adriane Ouellette

Youth Members: Avery Pearson, Paxton McKee