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2020 Municipal Election

Important Dates:

Nomination Day (last day to submit nominations) - Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Election Day - Monday, November 9, 2020
Election results will be announced Tuesday, November 10.


We are working to ensure residents will be able to vote in the 2020 election in a safe and accessible manner. As there are many unknowns about the state of the pandemic this fall, this information will be updated on a regular basis as we know more.

Mail in Ballots:

A Mail in Ballot Bylaw was adopted for the 2016 election and Mail in Ballots will be used again for the 2020 election. We are currently reviewing and updating this bylaw to make it easier for people to vote without needing to come in person to City Hall or a polling station. 

Who can Run as an Election Candidate:

A person can be nominated as a candidate for Mayor or Councillor if they:
  1. will be at least 18 or older on election day; 
  2. are a Canadian citizen;
  3. have been a resident of the City of Meadow Lake for at least three consecutive months before submitting their nomination papers; and
  4. have been a resident of Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months before submitting their nomination periods.
A person cannot be nominated if they are a judge of a court or an auditor or solicitor of the municipality. If a City employee wishes to be nominated, they must take a leave of absence during the nomination period. Having a contract with the City does not disqualify a person from being nominated. 

Process for Nominating a Candidate:

Nomination papers will be available from the City Clerk's office in person, by email, or online. To be nominated a person must file their completed nomination paper with the Returning Officer or designate during the nomination period during normal office hours and on Nomination Day (October 7) until 4:00 p.m. when nominations close. 

Contents of the Nomination Paper

  • The name and address of the person being nominated, and the office they are being nominated for (either Mayor or Councillor, not both);
  • The signature of at least five qualified voters of the City with their name and address;
  • The candidate's acceptance statement, which is signed by the candidate and two witnesses; and
  • New for the 2020 Election - a completed disclosure statement, which lists any potential conflicts of interest the candidate holds, must be filed along with the nomination paper.
It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure the contents of their nomination paper are valid. 
Additional Provisions
  • A voter may sign the nomination papers of more than one person.
  • No candidate may nominate themselves.
  • No person can be nominated for both Mayor and Councillor.
  • A receipt for the nomination will be issued when the form is filed at City Hall.
Withdrawal of Nomination
Nominations may be withdrawn by filing a written request with the Returning Officer signed by the nominated person. The nominee's signature must be witnessed by either the Returning Officer or two other persons. 
Nominations can be withdrawn any time up until 24 hours after the close of nominations (4:00 p.m. on October 8).  

Who can Vote in an Election:

A person vote in a municipal election if they:
  1. are at least 18 or older on election day;
  2. are a Canadian citizen on election day;
  3. have been a resident of Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months before election day; and either
  4. have been a resident of Meadow Lake for at least three consecutive months before election day OR have been the owner of assessable land in the City for at least three consecutive months before election day. 
Residence is defined as the place where a person resides and to which they have an intention of returning, typically the place called home.  A person who is temporarily absent from their normal place of residence does not lose residency, as long as they remain in Saskatchewan, until they have acquired a new residence. No one other than a full time student can have more than one residence in Saskatchewan. 
Additional Information about Eligibility to Vote:
If a person lives in one municipality and has owned assessable land in another municipality for more than three months, that person is able to vote in both municipal elections.
A full time student may vote in both the place where they study and the place they have moved from when both places are in Saskatchewan. 
A voter is a 'natural person' and not a corporation.
Voter ID
Full details on identification options for voting are available in the documents below. The simplest option is government issued photo ID that includes your name and street address, but a number of other options are available. In the absence of photo ID, two pieces of identification are required, both of which have the voter's name and at least one of which contains a civic address.