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Trees in the City have, besides environmental and economic benefits, also public and social benefits. Trees help to clean the air, control the climate, conserve energy, filtrate and retain water and provide wildlife habitat.

Did you know that the colour green is calming and relieves eye strain? Did you know that trees absorb and block sound, reducing noise pollution by as much as 40 percent?

The Meadow Lake Tree page was created to help give residents information about rules around City owned trees, responsibility of home owners, disease and pests and how to prevent them.

It is everyone's responsibility to take care of our urban trees so future generations can enjoy trees as we do today!

For more information on topics around trees in the City, please click on the links below.


Tree Pests & Diseases

Saskatchewan Invasive Plant Species Identification Guide

Dutch Elm Disease Forest Health

Dutch Elm Disease Information Sheet

This page gives information about:

                        - What is Dutch Elm Disease (DED)?

                        - How to recognize the disease?

                        - Pruning and Disposal Information

Forest Tent Caterpillars

This page gives information about:

                        - What is a Forest Tent Caterpillar?

                        - How to recognize a caterpillar outbreak?

                        - How to control Forest Tent Caterpillars




Rules around Trees in the City          --> work in progress