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Garbage and Recycling

Waste Collection, Recycling And Composting

Waste and recycling in the City is collected by Protex Enviro. If you have a question about residential service, please contact either the City or Protex Enviro at (306) 236 5200.

The City of Meadow Lake introduced single stream curbside recycling in 2013. Residential curbside collection alternates between garbage and recycling every other week.The Calendar below shows which weeks are regular garbage pickup and which weeks are recycle pickup. For more detailed information on the Recycling Program, please open the Recycling Program Pamphlet. To find which day of the week your garbage and recycling is picked up, view the Map below.

Pickup Schedule Map (what day of the week is my collection?)

What can go in my recycle bin?

Single Stream Recycle - link to Shkopich Environment 

*NEW* Curbside Compost Collection  

Waste Collection Bylaw

Once the recyclable items leave Meadow Lake, they are delivered to a sorting facility in Saskatoon. The video below illustrates the sorting process and end results.

Single Stream All Green Recycling

Collection Tips

  • Please ensure your cart is out by 7:30 a.m. on your collection day. Carts may be placed out the night before, but cannot be left out on the street for over 24 hours
  • Clear access to your cart is required for collection. Please ensure you cart is at least 3 feet away from parked vehicles and other obstructions.
  • Containers with materials prohibited under the waste collection bylaw will not be collected.
  • Please do not place grass clippings in either cart. Grass clippings, leaves and branches can be taken to the composting site at the East end of 9th Avenue.

Extra Carts

Each residential property is provided with one blue recycle and one black garbage cart. A second cart may be purchased from the City by the property owner. The initial cost for a second cart is $100, and a second collection fee will be added to your quarterly utility bill.

Other Recycling Options

Please view the following links for current recycling options for items that cannot be placed in the blue recycle bins.


The City of Meadow Lake has developed a compost facility for the residents of the City of Meadow Lake. The compost facility is located at the very end of 9th Avenue East. Materials accepted are leaves, branches, grass & garden vegetation. No other materials are accepted at this time. All items are to be sorted at the compost facility (Leaves / Branches / Grass & Garden). Please click on the following link for further composting information.

Composting Information

Compost Bin Rebate  


Waste Collection Bylaw

Compost Site Bylaw