Community Grant Program

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The Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program is a partnership among Sask Sport Inc., SaskCulture Inc. and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc.and assists in the development of sport, culture and recreation programs by providing funds to non-profit community organizations operated by volunteers.

The goal of this program is to get people involved in sport, culture and recreation activities by enabling communities to address the needs of local residents. If the community grant is more than $2,000, a portion of the total grant must be used for programs aimed at increasing participation for under-represented populations such as indigenous people, seniors, women, the economically disadvantaged, persons with a disability, and single-parent families. The under-represented requirement can be met by including these populations in regular programs and/or by creating special programs to meet their needs. 


The Meadow Lake Parks and Recreation Board allocates the Community Grant funding (Saskatchewan Lotteries). The Board may also be asked by City Council for their opinions on specific upcoming projects.




 From City Council :

Curtis Paylor
Conrad Read
Glen Winkler

 From the General Public:

Brian Gislason
Ryan How
Adrian Ouellette
Avery Pearson
Paxton Mckee

 IMPORTANT NOTE: As of April 1st, 2018 the R.M. of Meadow Lake chose to administer the Community Grant funds for R.M. Residents on their own, rather than in partnership with the City.
R.M. Residents (R.M. based activities) are advised to contact the R.M. of Meadow Lake for their Community Grant Application process.

We are currently accepting applications for funding for projects that will be taking place between April 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020.
Application Deadline for the next Grant period is March 31, 2020. Please use link below for information on the Guidelines and Application Form.