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Payment Options

Whichever payment method you choose, remember that you are responsible for ensuring you provide enough information about your payment.  If you have any questions about your payment, account number, or account balance, call City Hall at 306-236-3622 or email prior to sending the payment. 

In addition to cash, interac or cheque payments at City Hall, we offer the following contactless payment options. (Please note that City Hall does not accept credit card payments)

Contactless Payment Options

1.    Cheque

Cheques can be mailed to City of Meadow Lake, Box 610, S9X 1Y5 or deposited in the mail slot at the northwest end of the City Hall building. 

2.    Online Banking

Tax and Utility accounts can be set up for online banking payments with CIBC, RBC and Innovation Credit Union. Once your tax or utility account has been set up, any payments you enter will only ever be applied to that account. 

For detailed instructions on how to set up an online banking payment, view this document,  contact City Hall or contact your banking institution.

3.    Interac E-Transfer

In 2020, we added Interac e-Transfer auto deposit service. This service can be used to pay for:

a.    amounts other than tax or utility accounts; or 

b.    to pay taxes or utilities if you do not bank with one of the three financial institutions listed above. 

To use this service, set up as a recipient under your Interac e-Transfer services within your online banking services. As this account is set up for auto deposit, the security question and answer will not be used. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment is properly applied when you use this service. Please make sure your memo clearly indicates your name, account number (if applicable) and what you are paying for. The City does not take responsibility for any misapplied payments due to the payee’s failure to submit this information. If you do not have sufficient room to include your payment details, follow up with an additional email to detailing your name, account number (if applicable) and how the payment should be applied.

Required Payment Information

1.    Account Number

a.    For Utilities, this will be in the form 001-1234567-001. If you are limited to a set number of digits, include only the middle seven digits, with leading zeros as needed.

b.    For Taxes, this will be in the form 505500050.01. If you are limited to a set number of digits, include only the first nine digits.

2.    Payee Name (Your name)

3.    If you are paying for something other than a tax or utility account (i.e. dog license, business license, building permit, other invoice), in addition to the Payee Name, you will need to include:

a.    A description of what is being paid for;

b.    The invoice number, if applicable; and

c.    The name of the license or permit holder, if applicable.

The City does not mail receipts unless specifically requested. If you require a receipt, send a follow up email to with your request and details of the payment submitted along with the desired email or mail address for delivery.