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Utility Billing

Update for 2023 

On December 12, 2022 the Water and Sewer Bylaw 13/2018 was amended with new rates.  These rates come into effect on January 1st, 2023. The first billing under the new rates is the first quarter of 2023 (January - March). View the updated Bylaw here. For reference purposes in the tables below we have shown the 2022 rates, and the approved 2023 rates as well as the year over year (YOY) increase from 2022 to 2023.

For the purposes of calculation and conversion, 1mequals 220 imperial gallons.

Water – Quarterly Rates


2022 Water Rates

2023 Water Rates

Quarterly Increase (Year over Year from 2022-2023)

Base Charge




Consumption (per 1m3)




Sewer – Quarterly Rates


2022 Sewer Rates

2023 Sewer Rates

Quarterly Increase (Year over Year from 2022-2023)

Full - Base Charge




Light - Base Charge




Consumption (per 1m3)




**NEW** Infrastructure – Quarterly Rates

2023 *NEW*

Base Charge



Utility Billing

Utility billing is done quarterly. Bills are mailed out within the first week of January, April, July and October. If you have not received your bill by the middle of the month, please contact City Hall for your account balance and to verify that your mailing address is correct. If your utility bill is higher than normal, we strongly recommend you check your home for leaks. For information on how leaks can affect your utility bill, click here.

Utility E-Billing

You have the option to receive your utility bill by email. This helps save paper and also gets your bill to you up to a week sooner than bills sent out by regular mail. Click on the document below for the e-billing application form and for more information about the e-billing process. Completed applications can be dropped off at City Hall or emailed to the City. 

E-Billing Application

Paying Utility Bills Online

If you are using the on-line banking services of your financial institution, you may want to use it to pay your City utility and tax accounts. We are currently set up to take payments from CIBC, Credit Union and the Royal Bank.

With our utility billing format, you now have a 13 digit account number. Please use the middle 7 digit number to set up your account (this will be the same account number you had before the new billing system). If your financial institution requires you to enter a 9 digit account number, please add LEADING zeros. Adding zeros at the end could result in a valid utility account for another customer. For example, if you account number was 005-1234567-000, you would enter this as 001234567. 

For detailed instructions on setting up your property tax account for online payments, please view this document

Other Payment Methods 

Accounts can also be paid through cheque, in person at City Hall, or by interac e-transfer. More information about these payment options is available in this document.

Please Note if you are paying any account by e-transfer it is your responsibility to ensure we have enough information to correctly assign your payment. If you need to send additional instructions for your payment, please do so by emailing