Give Your Fire Hydrant Some Love

Fire hydrants can get buried by snow.  If there's a fire at your home or one of your neighbours, and firefighters can't easily find a hydrant or quickly connect to it, then their work is delayed and the fire will burn longer.

Your assistance in making sure that fire hydrants are visible and easily accessible is greatly appreciated!

A hydrant buried in snow

A nicely shovelled hydrant, cleared 3 feet all around it and out to the street

Each winter the City invites residents to clear snow from a hydrant in their neighbourhood, and submit a before-and-after picture.  Pictures will be posted here and on Facebook, and a winner will be drawn every other week to receive a locally-sourced prize.  See below for details, and be sure to sign up for Voyent-Alert to be informed if you win!  (Voyent-Alert is a great source of timely local information as well as emergency alerts.  And it's free!)

The real winner is public safety!   By keeping our hydrants visible and accessible, you will help firefighters to be better able to help you in an emergency.  

Thank you, and happy shovelling!

Special thanks to our Public Works department fro their assistance in clearing hydrants this year!

The Prize:  

The winner:  James of 4th St East!

The Prize: 

The entries:  

The winner!  Alyssa R

Thank you all very much!

The Prize:  

The winner!  Albert of Clark Crescent!   Congratulations, and thank you for helping to keep your neighbourhood safe.

The Prize:

The winner:  Ken from Cochin Avenue!

The Prize:


The winner!