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Capital Projects & Upgrades

Information about the projects being undertaken in Public Works will be posted here. For the most up to date information, contact City Hall.

Water and Sewer Main Replacement

From August through October we will be upgrading a number of water and sewer mains throughout the City. Work areas will include:

Notices will be delivered to residents in the directly affected areas and updated scheduling information will be posted to the City website and through Voyent Alert. Maps of the project areas are provided below. 

We will have open excavations during this project, but will aim to only have one block under construction at a time. Please exercise caution and detour around work sites. Project questions can be directed to City Hall at 306-236-3622.

2021 Water and Sewer Project Map 1

2021 Water and Sewer Project Map 2

Hydrant Repair Work

From June 21 to August 6 we will be performing maintenance on hydrants throughout the city. While we anticipate minimal disruption to residents, some temporary water discoloration may occur when hydrants are flushed. A map of the work areas is available at the link below.

2021 Hydrant Repair Plan Map

Annual Watermain Flushing Maintenance

From July 5 to 16, 2021, we will be flushing the water system. This process will create very discolored water as built up sediment is removed from the water lines. Residents should be aware of the following:

  • Avoid doing laundry while your street is being flushed, as this process can cause laundry staining
  • Avoid using water while flushing is happening in your area, as this can draw the debris filled water into your hot water tank and lines in your house
  • Once flushing is done in your area, run a cold water tap until the line runs clear. If your water hasn't cleared after 10 minutes, contact City Hall with your address so we can follow up.
  • Flushing may cause temporary drops in water pressure. Minimizing water use where possible will help with pressure throughout the water system.
This work is done as part of our regular maintenance plan for our water lines, with a target of 1/3 of the water system per year.    
For more information on this work, contact City Hall or the Public Works Department.