Public Notices

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This page includes any information on upcoming public hearings, equipment or land offered for sale by public tender, or public notice items related to a decision of Council. Please click on the links below for more information on each item.


Proposed Fire Bylaw

At the August 26 meeting, Council introduced a new Fire Services and Fire Safety Bylaw.  The proposed bylaw will update and consolidate existing bylaws around fire prevention measures and the operation of the Fire Department.  The City is currently seeking input into the proposed changes, and the bylaw will be brought back to Council for consideration later in the Fall.


A copy of the proposed bylaw can be viewed here:

An overview of the main changes proposed in the bylaw can be viewed here:


Public Hearings must be held whenever Council makes a change to certain bylaws, such as the Zoning Bylaw, when a discretionary development is being applied for, and for other matters listed in the City's Public Notice Policy Bylaw. If you have a question about an upcoming public notice item, or public notices in general, please contact the City Clerk.